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22 Aug 2022

Choosing a Layup Site

Choosing a lay-up site For lay-up activities in maritime and oil & gas industries, it is good to fully understand which factors to consider when choosing a lay-up site. Some elements could be game changers. However, it all depends on your vessel's particular circumstances and disposition. Therefore, we suggest you review the list to analyse which issues are most important to you, given your current position. A thorough analysis can help you determine the best lay-up location for your vessel. 10 points to consider 1) Does the lay-up location meet the minimum requirements for a lay-up? The minimum requirements for the site are: Approved and gazetted by state authorities. Sheltered from open seas. Minimal tidal currents. A good holding ground…
22 Aug 2022

Corrosion Control During Layup

Corrosion Control & Environment High humidity is a problem whether you are looking to lay up in Africa or Asia. Look for the signs and understand and plan and prepare for lay-up. Most companies are trying to balance cost efficiency with lay-up effectiveness with differing results. Part of the problem is the climate. Therefore it should be understood to see what the impact may be. Consider the following. Providing a Good Lay-up Solution Involves Corrosion control Eliminate seizure of equipment Understand failure modes Mitigate where possible or Reduce the impact Classification & insurance companies provide recommendations on what needs to be considered as part of lay-up. Dehumidification & preservation are the two techniques most preferred. Classification societies recommend dehumidification as…

Are you looking for the best lay-up service located as close as possible to Singapore and the world's most popular vessel trading routes? You've come to the right place. Whether you're wanting a hot or cold lay-up service, MLS is your best option. Our procedures are designed to meet the HSEQA of the oil & gas industry with complete traceability.

Our agents can provide visa applications as required, clear vessels in & out of a lay-up or arrange full provision of vessel chandlery services and air transport worldwide.

MLS is your best choice for a lay-up.