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8 Jan 2017

Failure Modes in Hot Warm & Cold Layups

Overview I have been asked a few times what can fail in layup? Having been involved in layup since 2004 I decided to look into some of the common failures that can be expected during layup, for hot stacking, warm and  cold layup. It does not matter if you assets are located at a Singapore anchorage, Batam or in Labuan in the Bay of Brunei the following conditions could occur. Hot Layover & Warm Layup General issues are found as crew are unaware of basic preservation techniques and leave systems in an as is condition. This causes corrosion issues, seizure issues and well as reduction in overall reliability of the equipment. With warm layup issues are pretty much the same as…
Failure Modes in Hot Warm & Cold Layups
Corrosion Control During Layup
29 Dec 2016

Corrosion Control During Layup

Corrosion Control & Environment Whether you are looking to layup in Batam or as far as layup in Labuan an understanding of the environmental factors that are in play in Asia is important to drive the correct layup solution that is most effective for your assets. Most companies are trying to balance cost efficiency with layup effectiveness with differing results. Many layup operators have entered the market following the ongoing downturn and may not be giving the best solution for you but what is best for them. As such consider the following. Providing a good layup solution involves; Corrosion control Eliminate seizure of equipment Understand failure modes Mitigate where possible or Reduce the impact Classification & insurance company’s provide recommendations…

Are you looking for the best lay-up service located as close as possible to Singapore and the world's most popular vessel trading routes? You've come to the right place. Whether you're wanting a hot or cold lay-up service, MLS is your best option. Our procedures are designed to meet the HSEQA of the oil & gas industry with complete traceability.

Our agents can provide visa applications as required, clear vessels in & out of a lay-up or arrange full provision of vessel chandlery services and air transport worldwide.

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