Hot & Cold Layups

Hot & cold lay-ups are undoubtedly a cost effective solution.

If freight or charter rates drop below the profit margin then considering laying up may be an effective solution.

While layup locations have been growing many find themselves in remote locations. This can mean being up to  a week away from re-joining a major trading route. Because of our location at Karimun Island anchorage that’s not the case.


Layup in Singapore

Location, Location, Location

The strategic location of Karimun Island anchorage will accelerate your vessels return to service.  Because we are located close to a major transport highway.


boat laid up in a drydock

If you are deferring dry dock as part of their layup cost saving strategy. We can offer a harbour tug tow into dry dock as a dead ship saving on the layup cost. This eliminates the need for a deep sea tow or reactivate the vessel only to shut it down again.  When considering the layup cost this is often a factor not considered.

As the equipment is owned by us this allows us to pass on the savings to you the customer.  Therefore this enables us to provide a solution close to Singapore at a competitive price compared  to other anchorages. We are here in business for the long run.

Fast layup reactivation


Deactivation & reactivation can be done alongside a wharf if required. This gives us the option to reduce the layup time with a larger workforce available 7 days a week. We are able to reduce the mobilisation & demobilisation time. The benefits are that costly barges are no longer required and more crew can be sent home earlier.

At the anchorage

While not as fast as being alongside for less complex vessels or vessels that have not been in long term cold layup this may the most cost effective solution.

Local technicians

No flights or expensive day rates

Being close to Singapore when the time comes to reactivate will allow specialist service technicians to attend as required. Just pay by the hour for the time needed on board as there are no flights . Technicians are  available here in Singapore whenever they are required.  Because now Singapore has become South East Asia’s largest maritime service centre.

layup cost reduction table

The above table is an indication of the potential layup cost savings. Depending upon a number of factors this can vary .