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Layup Services – Europe

Layup Services – Europe

Home » Layup Services – Europe


Marine Layup Services offers a complete range of lay-up and layover services in Europe, from long-term wharf rental to a more cost-effective anchorage solution. We have partnered with crucial European companies to increase the quality of service we can offer. We have 40+ years of experience undertaking maritime activities globally. Clients who want to stay longer can request additional corrosion protection, so we introduced vapour corrosion inhibitors (VCI) and shrink wrap services.

Lay-up Locations in Europe

In Europe, there are many locations where wharves can be found. Many countries require some crew to stay onboard, while others don’t. There are limited cold lay-up locations for long-term lay-up. With this in mind, we also offer strategic locations in Europe that can easily support the European and African regions. See our page on Africa.

In Europe, we provide the following:

1. Consultancy Services

The collaborative writing of custom procedures specific to the asset. Including;

  • Developing an emergency response plan
  • Watchman routines & daily & monthly reports
  • Maintenance routines required specific to the timeframe of the vessel’s stay
  • Deactivation planning, including down manning projections
  • Reactivation plan development
  • Lay-up reports for class submission

2. Vessel & Rig Lay-up Services

Once there is an agreement on the scope of work, MLS supports our customers by providing the following services;

  • Dedicated lay-up project manager
  • Creation of a lay-up report including activities, checklist & supporting photography
  • Management of yard staff and or contractors to complete the lay-up activities in the agreed scope of work
  • Setup of guards shelter
  • Provision of watchmen
  • Provision of engineers to complete weekly & monthly lay-up maintenance routines
  • Final cleaning & preservation activities inside the accommodation and engine room areas

3. Contractor Support Services Management

It is also vital to have all the right disciplines in place or readily available as every lay-up project is unique depending on what is required.

We can offer Port, wharf and anchorage services with a dry-docking option with repairs, including floating docks and other essential services. The objective is to Contribute to and support the competitiveness in the region and add capability through the efficient, reliable and cost-effective supply of lay-up and layover port services in the area.

Performing Lay-up operations is our core business. We follow all Oil & Gas protocols and procedures to the letter, so tell us what you are looking to do. We are pleased to recommend and elaborate with a costing breakdown for your consideration.

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