About Us

Marine Layup Services or MLS is a private limited company registered in the Republic of Singapore which has excellent infrastructure and a historically strategic location for our needs; we have had over 40 years of experience in the layup business and, in the past, have worked on just about every type of commercial vessel afloat.

The operations of layup is a serious business with emergency response, security, and most importantly, following the correct protocols and procedures at the top of our list. Subsequently, we see relatively few operational problems; these laid-up assets are often quite substantial in value and require precisely the correct type of treatment; we always bear the most cost-effective options for our clients.

Our Staff

The staff at Marine Layup Services and our array of contractors have been around for decades in their respective trades providing support and solutions in layup and preservation activities, whilst everyone wants to avoid layup if possible. However, there are times in a vessel’s life cycle when this might be favourable and by far the best solution; it is essential to deal with a layup partner who understands how layup truly works and what to look out for to protect your vessels while in a layup.

Modern layup techniques have evolved over the years as vessels rely on more modern electronic equipment, this was well documented at the IMCA 2017 conference in Amsterdam, Singapore & Houston, and they have created their reactivation recommendations for Dynamic Positioned vessels.

Layup Spain

We were invited as the first key speaker to outline layup issues that vessels face during the reactivation process, give a brief overview of where the problems originate and offer proposed solutions. Additionally, other presentations by MLS management have been given to the underwriters club in Singapore so the insurers could see the lessons learnt from good & bad layups; MLS is continually a part of the various solutions in understanding and developing change and innovation in the layup industry and seen as a trusted partner in achieving this.

Our Solutions

Marine Layup Services see the holistic preservation approach required to provide you on any particular budget for your layup or layover, through the correct use of traditional dehumidification techniques, machinery & accommodation spaces also, to advise on the use of vapour corrosion inhibitors and shrink wrap products to add protection to exposed or poor paint coating areas and high-risk tanks & structures, and finally advise and recommend the latest products and innovations coming onto the market.

Marine Layup Services can stand as your one-stop shop for your total asset management needs; whatever your requirements for a layup, preservation management and corrosion control, in general, are critical, as our good clients will attest.