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Marine Layup Services - Vessel Layover in Batam
Fleet Layover in Asia

Layover Services Introduction

At Marine Layup Service, we offer a full range of services to support our client’s needs for layover services. In addition, we can provide additional support services if you require a berth alongside or anchorage. This page is here to help you understand the decision-making process on a layover and the level of service on offer to meet and exceed your requirements. Below is a typical range of services. In addition, the location pages help you to understand what services we can provide at each location.

Indicative Lay Over Timeframes are:

  • Hot Stacking Layover:  Less than three months
  • Warm Stacking Layover: Between 3 & 12 Months

Strategic Decision-Making Support

We can advise clients on the range of options depending upon the reactivation time and available budget. This assists if you need to layover as the vessel is awaiting orders or the ship is for sale.


With a technical department of qualified marine engineers and highly trained staff experienced in maintenance & reliability engineering, it is heavily focused on understanding the needs & balance of providing excellent service at the right time.

The Commercial Decision

The choice is often tricky as keeping the vessel in a hot or warm stack is expensive. But what happens if someone wants my vessel tomorrow? Can I reduce manning or even go below minimum manning? Again, MLS can assist you in making a commercial decision.

Marine Layup Services - Passenger Ships Layover in Malaysia with MLS
Passenger Ships Layover in Malaysia with MLS

Cost Effectiveness

Offering a range of services means targeting exemplary service to our clients to meet and exceed their expectations. Below is an example of expected cost savings for hot and warm layovers.

layup services

Hot or Warm Stacking

MLS can provide a wharf or anchorage to meet your requirements. We have experience assisting operators in finding, booking and managing their layover projects worldwide. From when a vessel or rig arrives for a layover, the work does not stop there. The activity level depends on how long the stay and how many crew remain.

MLS is a safe pair of hands when it comes to supporting your operation.

Marine Layup Services - Warm Stack of well intervention Drillship
Warm Stack of Well inItervention Drillship

Why Choose Us? More in Tune with the Times

Why Choose Us?

Additional Layover Services Available:

Our locations are close to major maritime service hubs. Allowing value add services, from painting & blasting while at anchor, piping & valve replacement to tank inspection & demucking, with procedures designed to meet the HSEQA of the oil & gas industry. Rental equipment is available, from tank pumping equipment to rental anchors & fenders. In addition, our agents can provide visa applications as required, clear vessels in & out or arrange full provision of vessel chandlery services and air transport worldwide.

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