Hot or cold lay-ups: the closer to Singapore, the better

Location, Location, Location

East Karimun Island Anchorage provides an ideal location for vessels wanting a Singapore lay-up solution.

Strategically located just seven nautical miles from Singapore, the site has been fully gazetted for layup.

The anchorage is  south west of Jurong port – closer to Singapore than any other lay-up anchorage in the region.

Of sufficient size and depth for all types of vessels.

boat laid up in a drydock

The lay-up site is well sheltered, being surrounded by:

  • Singapore and Johor to the north,
  • Batam to the east, and
  • Karimun Island to the west.

Water Depth

Water depth varies from 17 to 36 metres. This allows deep-draft vessel access, with plenty of clearance between keel and seabed.

Clear water provides good visibility underwater for diving operations.

The seabed is excellent for anchoring. Seabed characteristics have made the site a proven holding ground for vessels at anchorage.


Currents are diurnal. A light easterly tide swings northerly from the strait of Selat Durian on an incoming tide. There is also a westerly flow to the Malacca Strait every 12 hours.

Tidal currents are up to 1.3 knots from a southerly direction. Advanced oceanographic research from Singapore enables currents and direction to be determined two weeks in advance for every coordinate within the anchorage. This can be forecast for surface waters, 1/3 water depth, and 2/3 water depth.

Wave heights are also known. Waves generally do not exceed 0.5 of a metre, except in a storm event when they can reach heights of up to a metre.

Weather forecasting and alert services are available from the Meteorological Service Singapore, with warnings issued well in advance.


Rafting of vessels

We can raft vessels of similar size together. Yokohama fenders can be used to separate vessels. Tugs and pilot can assist with this task.

Access to the Anchorage

Located only 3 miles from the ferry terminal servicing Singapore the trip to and from the anchorage is fast. with 4 ferry services a day to and from Singapore departing between 7 am to 5 pm there is plenty of time for a round trip to visit your vessel or crew change on the same day