A host of ship layup and rig stacking services on offer

Hot or cold stacking: the choice is yours

With operations now available across Asia from Karimun, Indonesia and Labuan, Malaysia both locations offer an impressive array of lay-up services.
And if what’s on offer isn’t quite enough, nearby port facilities extend the range of services even further.
We can accommodate both ship layup and rig stacking at either location. The anchorages offer hot, warm and cold stacking.
Marine Layup Services can provide all lay-up equipment and rental equipment. We have qualified and experienced staff are on hand to help with your layover




From the moment you choose to partner with us, we will guide you through:

  1. Firstly agree the scope of work.
  2. Creating a demobilisation plan.
  3. Informing you of pre-arrival information and ship layup requirements.
  4. Deactivation process, with a comprehensive layup report.
  5. Ongoing monthly reports during ship layup.
  6.  Finally we can assist to reactivate the vessel.

Lay-up deactivation alongside

With Karimun being so close to Singapore, we can bring your vessel from Singapore. This service is available for vessels and rigs with a draft of up to 15.7 metres. The proximity of Singapore ensures that we can assist in finding a service for you.

Benefits of deactivating next to a wharf

There are a multitude of benefits to deactivating your vessel alongside a wharf, including:

  • A quicker deactivation. There are no delays in transportation so we can accelerate the preservation stage. With a maritime workforce 100,000-strong, there is no shortage of support when you need it.
  • We can remove equipment more safely, due to the use of shore cranes. We can put the equipment into storage until it’s time to reactivate.
  • There is no need to use a crew boat. Shipowners can send the crew home faster. Fast transport times mean those who remain spend more productive time on board.
  • Proper disposal of sludge, bilge water, sewage and rubbish can eliminate the potential for pollution. Disposal alongside allows a complete solution
  • Additional work is less of a hassle. This means an easier time with everything from cleaning, paint coating and last-minute repairs, through to filling ballast tanks with treated fresh water.
  • There is no need for transport barges.
  • Tugs and pilots from Singapore can tow vessels dead-ship to the lay-up anchorage.

Depending upon your preference we can take the vessel directly to the anchorage. This is a cheaper solution.

Services provided at anchorage

We conduct routine inspection and ongoing maintenance as required

Our maintenance team visits weekly. Watchmen on-board will also conduct daily routines.

Additional services can be provided during the ship layup period.

Lay-up reactivation alongside – better option for some

When the time comes, your vessel can be towed to a wharf.

Benefits of reactivating next to a wharf

Above all there is a host of benefits to conducting operations alongside:

  • Vessel can be moved dead-ship from the Karimun anchorage to Singapore wharf
  • Faster reactivation due to easier vessel access, with no water transport needed.
  • Any extra staff needed to expedite the lay-up process can be brought on-board immediately.
  • Service technicians and repair staff can be arranged at short notice
  • Rapid procurement of food items and other consumables.
  • A full suite of fuel and lubrication products is on hand.
  • No visa requirements, lessening the risk of bureaucratic hiccups.
  • Road transport to and from the vessel, with cranes readily available.
  • Costs associated with transport barges are not necessary

Vessels can be sent directly to dry dock

If a vessel is due for dry dock immediately upon reactivation, a harbour tug can tow it to the shipyard wharf from Karimun or tow it from Labuan.
Once there, lay-up equipment is removed from the vessel prior to it entering dry dock.
The only crew who need to be mobilised are those necessary for the dry dock. This saves on the costs of running a crew, and avoids long tows from the lay-up anchorage to dry dock.

Additional layup services are available

With Singapore as the maritime service hub of Asia, we can fulfil any reasonable request from:

  • painting and blasting at anchor,
  • piping and valve replacement, or
  • tank inspection and de-mucking.

Rental equipment is available.

Our shipping agent is able to:

  • provide visa applications as necessary,
  • clear vessels in and out
  • arrange full provision of vessel chandlery services, and
  • air transport worldwide.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please give us a call or drop us a line.