Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor spraying services, consultancy & advisory

Singapore is the head quarters of Marine Layup Services Pte Ltd. As part of it’s services on offer we have partnered up with key companies within the Asian region to increase the quality service we offer to more locations. We support our layup partners with our procedures giving the customer a consistent standard of service. we offer the following service;

  • We provide Consultancy service  for vessels during deactivation and reactivation activities
  • Traditional Layup Services are provided in both Labuan and Karimun
  • The application of Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) spraying is provided across the whole region

Traditional Layup Service

We offer the traditional layup services below. Traditional layup services we provide are based upon 40+ years of experience in undertaking layup activities. This is called cold stack Standard below. For clients who are prepared to stay longer they request additional protection to provide assurance of service so activities of vapour corrosion inhibitors (VCI) and shrink wrap are introduced.

Furthermore we have a lot of enquiries for a basic low cost layups for up to 6 months when the client does not want to spend any money.

Range of layup services and what is involved

VCI Spraying Services

Firstly MLS and Corroless Asia have decided to partner up to provide a more comprehensive range of services. Also we are also working towards providing a new DIY layup solution for clients. Customers will be to be able to buy directly from us. we offer a full Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) spraying and applications service across all of Asia to meet your full needs.


Vessel Project Management

Maintenance & Layup Procedures

I was talking with a class surveyor in Singapore and he told me that 20 rigs failed reactivation. The delays are as long long as 3 months. This was for clients who had a contract and wanted to return to service. Delays are costly but are avoidable. We can assist in writing the correct layup plan or a reactivation plan then talk to us.

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