Labuan layup


Labuan layup is the preferred location of choice since it was started in 1975. Consequently MLS has made the informed decision to partner with Ocean ShipCare Sdn Bhd and provide layup solutions in the Bay of Brunei.


Labuan layup advantages and conditions

  • Firstly no security issues over the years makes it very safe
  • Low port dues makes it cost effective for very large vessels
  • Good anchor holding ground with a deep blue mud bottom
  • Low currents
  • Outside of the typhoon belt
  • lastly 30 metre water depth for large vessels

As a result Labuan layup has proven itself over the years as a good choice.

Anchorage Services

  • Traditional layup services using dehumidifiers
  • Diving operations available for blanking, inspections & hull cleaning
  • Contractors are available for repairs & fabrication services
  • Bunkers & potable water delivery
  • Dry dock in Labuan for smaller vessels
  • Tank cleaning services are available
  • Furthermore VCI spraying services are available directly through MLS

Above all a safe and secure layup location

Finally please see Ocean ShipCare capability statement below

Ocean Shipcare Sdn Bhd

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