Lay-up HP steam turbine
LNG Carrier HP Turbine Dehumidified – Singapore

Singapore is the headquarters of Marine Layup Services Pte Ltd. As part of our services on offer, we have partnered up with key companies within the Asian region to increase the quality of service we can offer. We support our lay-up partners with oil & gas industry standard procedures giving the customer a consistent quality of service. We have 40+ years of experience undertaking maritime activities globally. Clients who want to stay longer can request additional corrosion protection, so we introduced vapour corrosion inhibitors (VCI) and shrink wrap services.

Lay-up Locations in Singapore

Singapore offers the most secure location for lay-up activities in South East Asia; however, this does come at a tremendous financial expense. Cold lay-up is usually limited to specific sites, and minimum manning is usually required onboard. Singapore provides limited space for vessel lay-up; however, the market is constantly changing. A few wharves are available but depend upon the vessel’s size and draft. If you have a high-value asset, it is probably worth exploring Singapore. If additional repair work is required, this increases the chances of securing a berth. There are also more cost-effective options in Indonesia & Malaysia, so check out those pages.


In Singapore, we provide the following;

1.         Consultancy Services

The collaborative writing of custom procedures specific to the asset. Including;

  • Developing an emergency response plan
  • Watchman routines & daily & monthly reports
  • Maintenance routines required specific to the timeframe of the vessel’s stay
  • Deactivation planning, including down manning projections
  • Reactivation plan development
  • Lay-up reports for class submission

2.         Vessel & Rig Lay-up Services

Once there is an agreement on the scope of work, MLS supports our customers by providing the following services;

  • Dedicated lay-up project manager
  • Creation of a lay-up report including activities, checklist & supporting photography
  • Management of yard staff and or contractors to complete the lay-up activities in the agreed scope of work
  • Provision of MLS dehumidifiers complete with collapsible PVC ducting & joiners for the specified areas
  • Sealing of spaces for preservation
  • Setup of guards’ shelter complete with separate bilge & fire alarm panels
  • Provision of watchmen
  • Provision of engineers to complete weekly & monthly lay-up maintenance routines
  • Optional 4G wireless remote alarm monitoring provided by 3rd party 24/7 control panel operators
  • Final cleaning & preservation activities inside the accommodation and engine room areas

3.         Contractor support services management

The vessel may require additional support services for lay-up activities and integration into the planning. These can include;

  • Mooring analysis site and vessel specific
  • Diving activities
  • Lay-up equipment consumables
  • Dehumidifier rental and trunking installation
  • Yard support for lay-up activities
  • Sludge removal
    • Gas-free certification
    • Generator rental
  • We support operations in Singapore, Indonesia & Malaysia