Layup locations in Asia


There are many factors when we look at where to layup and not are all about cost. Therefore see below the traffic movement of vessels in and out of Asia. While the majority of the traffic will come directly pass Singapore and therefore Karimun, there are also regional factors at play. When it comes to layup locations in Asia a few places are used.

A lot of traffic leaves Asia full and returns empty. As such a location close to the next destination point to load cargo would make sense. With the oil &  gas industry operating in East Malaysia & Brunei it is not surprising that a lot of vessels choose Labuan for layup. we have chosen not to stay just in one location but to be in a few strategic locations

Mapping out the traffic with the major layup locations we have chosen 2 strategic locations to concentrate on. Sometime Ii get enquires from clients who will only consider looking around Singapore region as it is closer for visits. Other times clients move further afield to save money and at other times just go to Labuan because of its reputation.

Minimum Layup Location Requirements

When looking for a layup location in Asia remember to note the following;

Consider the minimum requirements are for the site are to be:

  • Approved by state or local authorities
  • Sheltered from open seas
  • With minimal tidal currents
  • A good holding ground for anchors
  • Outside of a typhoon/cyclone belt

other factors to consider are

  • First of all close to major shipping routes?
  • close to a major maritime hub for technical support?
  • Is it easy to access your vessel for inspections?
  • If I require a dry dock is there one close by?
  • Are there any security concerns?
  • Lastly how much will it cost?