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New Singapore anchorage is better for layup

Singapore anchorage is better for layups, whether for its ships or rigs

A new anchorage has opened just outside Singapore in the East Karimun Island anchorage, offering the highest standard of ship and rig layup services available in the region.

marine layup servicesAmazingly, our company – Marine Layup Services – is able to offer the same standard of services as found in established but remote layup locations, at about the same cost.All while maintaining compliance to marine industry safety standards.

How? The answer is simple . . .

Location, location, location

We are the closest deep-water anchorage to Singapore

Premium-quality stacking at a competitive price

By using the services of MLS, our clients are able to have their cake and eat it too. That’s because our anchorage is within seven nautical miles of Singapore, but in Indonesian waters.

Help your shipping company benefit from being on the cusp of two worlds.

Reap the rewards of first-rate marine logistics, governance and infrastructure – which a developed country such as Singapore can easily provide – without having to sacrifice the advantages of Indonesia’s competitive labour costs.

Currently, the Singapore Register of Ships is the largest register in Asia and fourth largest in the world. Singapore is also the leading builder of oil rigs in the world. Strategically located in Asia, it provides a first-class gateway of service providers as well of being part of a major transport highway.

The crews that do the actual work of layup maintenance on vessels are housed on the nearby Indonesian island of Karimun.

However, our logistics is from both Singapore and Indonesia. And we buy our gear outright rather than hiring it, allowing us to pass on long-term savings to our clients. Unlike other layup operators who have entered the industry in recent years, we’re not set up as a fly-by-night operation. We are here for the long term.

Being so close to the first-world country of Singapore – with a shipyard and full array of port services – provides a host of other advantages:

  • Dry docks are much closer. Towing a vessel for repairs after layup is quick and cost-effective. The Jurong shipyard in western Singapore is less than two hours by tug from our anchorage. That compares to a week by tug from more remote but established layup operators – a hidden cost rarely acknowledged by established layup providers.
  • Telecommunications are better – the anchorage location is within mobile phone range of Singapore.
  • Easily accessible from Singapore by clients for inspections,
  • Emergency services of a first-world standard.
  • Weather warnings are similarly advanced. The Meteorological Service Singapore is first-rate. Warnings of severe weather events are sent to our watchmen on board vessels in plenty of time to take precautions. For added peace of mind, clients who need to rout drill-ships, rigs and other weather-sensitive vessels through the area can subscribe to long-term forecasts.
  • Sea currents of less than 1.5 knots, based upon reliable oceanographic data, with sea conditions that meet the requirements of insurance companies. Wave heights are on average less than half a metre, rising to about a metre in severe storms.
  • All grades of fuel including HFO, unlike remote layup anchorages in the region.
  • Sewage, sludge, rubbish, and bilge water is disposed of by a reputable contractor who meets all requirements of MARPOL.

Fully approved for ship layups and rig layups

Situated in deep waters immediately south west of Singapore, Karimun Island caters to vessels of any draft. Water depth ranges from 6 to 36 metres, ensuring underwater keel clearance from the seabed.

Clear water provides good visibility for the divers who conduct our underwater inspections every six months.

The seabed allows a firm hold for anchoring.

Hot layup or cold layup – the choice is yours

The MLS anchorage offers both:

  • Hot & warm layups of up to 12 months in duration. The original crew remain on board for layup, as MLS and its partners provide a full suite of catering and other logistical support from both our Karimun base. Vessels can be returned to service within 1 to 3 days.
  • Cold layups of longer than 12 months. Our watchmen remain on your securely-moored vessel to guard against fire, leakage, collisions, weather damage, and unauthorised boarding, plus more. The site is supported by our 24/7 emergency response room to ensure immediate activation of emergency response plans if needed for any reason.

Location = Innovation

As we are in the enviable position of being so close to Singapore, we are finalising the delivery of exciting new services in the near future. Layup operators will soon be able to benefit from cutting-edge technology in the industry as value-added additional services.

Anchorage operates to higher standards

MLS has set itself a high bar. Our management are all experienced marine engineers & ships captains, trained in developed countries to high standards. Their expertise spans both the maritime and the oil & gas industries.

Further questions? Get in touch today

We’re proud that MLS has set the bar higher for layup services in the region. If you have any queries about the services we offer, please contact us today for a chat. No obligations and no hard-sell tactics.

We could be just what you’re looking for.



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