Karimun layup


Karimun is strategically located near the western region of Singapore where the shipyards and dry docks are located. It is at the end of the Singapore straight and at the turn off on to the Malacca Straight. As such Karimun layup is an ideal strategic location choice.


In exclusive partnership with Multi Ocean Shipyard (PT MOS) http://multioceanshipyard.com we are able to accommodate a large range of services not seen at most layup locations. MOS is an active shipyard in the free trade zone of Karimun. It has over 2,000 staff and is able to support MLS to provide the following services;

Shipyard Services

  • Private anchorage with maximum water depth to 20 metres
  • Traditional ship layup services
  • Storage ashore of barges and vessels up to 7 metres draft
  • Floating dry dock accommodating mid size vessels up to 9 metres draft
  • Major fabrication and repair works
  • Tank cleaning services
  • Mooring blocks
  • Private transport barge direct to Singapore every 2 weeks
  • In house divers for all underwater services
  • Tow service for vessels to go to Singapore
  • 4 ferries a day from Singapore to Karimun


Anchorage Conditions

Located on the Western Side of Karimun, the anchorage is sheltered and protected by all-weather events. This includes north east & southerly monsoon winds as well as Sumatra squalls. The currents found in front of the yard are less than 1 knot. There is a tug manned 24 hours a day at the shipyard and the government tugs are penned only a few hundred metres away. There are 2 police always in the shipyard 24/7 allowing a fast response to any event.

Floating Dry Dock

Whether it is to clean the hull or a dry dock after layup the west Karimun anchorage is able to meet your layup requirements. Either dry dock in Karimun or tow your vessel to Singapore we are able to support you with your endeavours. So close to Singapore we will be able to put you back in service in a short period of time