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Have you ever wondered the following?

  1. How long do vessels usually lay up?
  2. What is the longest known layup period for a vessel is?

We know! The answers are shown at the bottom of this page. The staff at Marine Layup Services and their contractors has been around for decades providing support and solutions in layup and preservation activities.

While everyone wants to avoid layup there are times in a vessels life cycle when this might be unavoidable and the best solution. As such it is important to deal with a layup partner who understands how layup truly works and what to look out for to protect your vessels while in layup.

Firstly, modern layup has evolved over the years as vessels rely on more modern electronic equipment. This is identified at the IMCA conferences in 2017 in Amsterdam, Singapore & Houston as they have created their own reactivation recommendations for Dynamic Positioned vessels.

We were invited as the first key speaker to outline layup issues that vessel face in reactivation, and to give a brief overview of where the issues originate as well as offer proposed solutions. The presentation can be found below for review. Additionally another presentation MLS management gave in 2018 to the underwriters club in Singapore so the insurers could see the lessons learnt from good & bad layups is also attached below. MLS is continually part of the solution in understanding and developing change and innovation in the layup industry and seen as a trusted partner to help achieve this goal.

Awareness is the first step.

Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI)

Secondly , the expanding use of Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI). Products are still evolving and getting a larger market share in preservation and corrosion control from project equipment preservation in the shipyards, dry docks. And finally onto live platforms as well as the layup of rigs and vessel themselves. It is for this reason that Marine Layup Services started a new joint venture company and service with Corroless Asia corroless-asiapacific.com as the offshore & marine VCI applications specialist business in the Asian region. It provides the following key advantages;

Highly trained North Sea IRATA rope access technicians specially trained in all aspects of VCI application and their use

  • Using British made VCI, Corroless Asia’s has a dedicated team of corrosion engineers. Providing the best onshore support to recommend the right product and its application rate.
  • Ability to determine the best preservation mixture of products and services on the market. From traditional services through to new and evolving solutions.




Lastly the design & provision of corrosion control products has changed and is still changing. From the design & construction of desiccant breathers to protect hydraulic systems and transformer oil nitrogen regulators being supplied for preservation shows how manufacturers are becoming aware of the changing nature of life cycle management.






Marine Layup Services see the holistic preservation approach required to provide you on any budget for your layup or layover. Through the correct use of traditional dehumidification techniques of machinery & accommodation spaces, the use of vapour corrosion inhibitors and shrink wrap products to add protection to exposed or poor paint coating areas and high risk tanks & structures, and finally advise and recommend new products coming onto the market.


Marine Layup Services can truly stand as being your one stop shop for your total asset management. Whatever your need for layup, preservation management and corrosion control in general.


Answers To the questions

  1. The first 150 vessels to layup in Labuan show that the average layup period is 656 days or 21.8 months.
  2. The longest layup period was 4699 days or 12 years & 10.5 months by the steamship UST Atlantic. It was in Labuan from 9th August 1981 to 21st June 1994.

IMCA Factors to Consider in Developing a Sustainable Layup Solution

PI Club Presentation

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