About MLS

Marine Layup Services

Marine Layup Services was formed in 2016 and consists of experienced and qualified ships captains and marine engineers. Our experience ranges from lay-up activities, rig shifts & reactivation auditing and advisory services  The  anchorage position is located just 7 nautical miles from Singapore waters.

Why Choose Us?

More in Tune with the Times

The client’s requirements these days are more complex with the problem of what to do with more idle tonnage in the fleet. All stacking options are a trade-off between cost and reactivation time with multiple vessels making the decision harder. Should I warm stack all or have a staggered solution from hot to warm to cold? MLS can advise and provide the right solution for you.

Strategic Decision Making Support

We are able to advise clients on the range of options depending upon the desired preservation, reactivation time and budget.


With a technical department of qualified marine engineers, highly trained and experienced in maintenance & reliability engineering, we are heavily focused on understanding the needs & balance of doing the right maintenance at the right time.

Cost Effectiveness

Being able to offer a new range of services means targeting the right service to our clients to meet and exceed their expectations. Cost vs response time with good preservation of equipment & corrosion control. The right service for the right vessel.


Located at the inner harbour of Karimun positions us with 10 nautical miles of Singapore dry docks as well as service centres and support providers. A quick harbour tug trip many dry-docks or reactivation alongside a wharf if necessary. When your contract is finished simply return the vessel to the anchorage for immediate cost savings.

While we believe there is a long term need for a marine layup service to support Singapore. It would need to have the following attributes;

  • Within harbour tug range of the dry-docks of Singapore
  • Inside a major transport highway to allow vessels to quickly re-enter service
  • The location must have the capacity to provide a full range of services. Services are considered to include repair, maintenance and workshop service centres.
  • Offer the provision of additional value add services while laid up.
  • Be able to offer the ability to deactivate & reactivate alongside a Singapore wharf.
  • Accelerate the layup & reactivation process alongside in less time.
  • Easy transfer of vessels from anchorage to the wharf.
  • Provide a competitive priced service

We aim to provide a complete solution for all of your needs.  Delivering a great service at a great location is of the highest importance.

boat laid up in a drydock

We are a safe pair of hands when it comes to looking after your valued assets.

About Singapore

There has been significant growth in Singapore’s Marine Industry in the past 40 years. Today Singapore is a premiere location for dry-docks, ship repairs and conversion of vessels. Due to this has seen up to 100,000 workers being employed in the marine sector

Singapore has grown with  a ship repair & service sector with an annual total turnover of $5.5 Billion in 2014. Therefore Singapore has become your one stop shop in South East Asia.

As the marine repair industry has developed so too has the support services sector.  Due to this expansion service repair centres are able to provide a complete service. Finally when the time comes to reactivate your vessel all your needs are right here.


When time comes to layup your vessel can you afford to be anywhere else?